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Sole NZ and AU importer of the Falkenberg stone lamps

These exclusive lights are made out of genuine Carrara marble and are handmade in Germany on order only.

They can be used as well indoors as outdoors and when lit give a wonderful soft light. Used as garden lights, they will blend into any surrounding and will hardly ever be recognised as garden lights at all. Used inside they convey a beautiful atmosphere to any interior design you have.

You can have these either in the original white of the marble or slightly tinted to match any surrounding. Special shapes may be possible. 

All models can be obtained in different sizes.

stone garden lights models

                        Although the pictures below might give you an idea of their beauty and quality, they are best appreciated live.

Column light                                    Sphere light                                                   Pebble light                                          Pyramid light
Carrera marble indoor lights / garden lights

                             Click here to view some more pictures.

To make an appointment to view these exclusive lights, please ring 0800 4LiteIT (0800 454 834) in New Zealand

If you prefer email or are anywhere else in the world drop a mail to

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